Fab World

Sustain ability is the basis of every action at FAB WORLD, and we consider environmental compatibility and social responsibility to be of equal importance.

To continue to make the very best while upholding all the principles that have become synonymous with our work:

  1. Unmatched quality
  2. Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  3. Never before experienced after sales care
  4. Excellent property management cell

Amenities :

  1. Street Light Poll
  2. Drainage System
  3. Water Facility for Society
  4. Electric Transformer
  5. Green Belt Periphery
  6. Internal R.C.C. Road
  7. Title Clear Plan Pass
  8. Compound Wall
  9. Huge Main Gate
  10. Internet Facility
  11. Fire Safety


Fab World is one of the most successful ventures we have ever undertaken. We constructed Fab World with a forte to raise the level of commercial construction to a new stratum. Our team of skilled architects and technicians has designed it so superbly that it is a blend of excellent amenities and user friendly premises. Some of its distinct features include:

  • Superior qualityfabworld
  • Perennial after-sales service
  • Ubiquitous managing network

Architectural Advancements:

  • Street Light Poll – It is has well equipped lightening system across the premises.
  • Drainage System – We ensures you with the facet of cleanliness by providing a proper drainage system within the premises.
  • Water Facility for Society – We provide hygienic water facility round the clock to help you maintain a good health.
  • Electric Transformer – Our electric transformer assures you with 24X7 electricity facilities.
  • Green Belt Periphery – The campus is surrounded by green belt along the periphery of the landfill and the dump grounds.
  • Internal R.C.C. Road – Fab World is constructed in such a way that it has got excellent internal connectivity by R.C.C. roads.
  • Title Clear Plan Pass – It composes of well maintained garden so that you can lighten up your mood amid of work pressure.
  • Compound Wall – For utmost security, we have planned it with encompassing compound walls.
  • Internet Facility – Fab World is also facilitated with high speed Internet facility.
  • Safety – The infrastructure is accompanied with all security measures like fire alarm, smoke detector and emergency exits.

About Project

Eon Developers
14 August, 2014
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